Monday, March 05, 2007


Warner Bros. Singapore is pleased to partner with the recently revamped Shaw Online for the launch of its upcoming release 300.

Tonight, 300 will hold its Singapore Gala Premiere with the support Shaw Online as its Official Website Partner. It will screen in Singapore’s largest digital hall Lido 1, as well as Lido Halls 2 and 3.

Shaw Online is promoting 300 with an integrated media campaign consisting of print, outdoor and online. Its revamped website now hosts a 300 homepage banner and a micro-site that showcases the film’s storyline, publicity pictures, 300 official website and trailer hyperlinks, plus screensaver downloads.

Movie-goers also stand a chance to win goodie bags when they book their 300 movie tickets via Shaw Online at its new URL These goodie bags consist of exclusive 300 premiums such as limited edition A1-size posters, tee-shirts, ceramic plates, leather bags, paper weights and metal bracelets.

300 is a ferocious re-telling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army of over one million. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy.

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival on 15 February 2007 to a standing ovation at the sold-out Berlinale Palast. Inspired by the work of best-selling graphic novelist Frank Miller, 300 is helmed by director Zack Snyder and stars Gerard Butler (as King Leonidas), Lena Headey (as Queen Gorgo) and Rodrigo Santoro (as Xerxes).

300 opens in cinemas islandwide from 8 March 2007.

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