Wednesday, May 04, 2011

$20 mil and 7 months later, SHAW LIDO is finally open!

Last year, one of the most iconic cinemas in Singapore closed its doors for a $20mil makeover- and after a special preview of the new refurbished Shaw Lido, we're proud to say that the old dame is new once again, and has never been better. Instead of 8 halls, there are now a total of 11 halls (including the centrepiece IMAX theatre); and instead of 2,238 seats, there are now 1,960 seats (which also means more leg-space).

How does the new and old Lido compare? Well, for starters, the box office is right in front of the glass doors of the escalator leading up to Level 5. The area where the box office counters used to be and the benches in front of the giant screen in the lobby has been converted into the lobby where you can sit around on sofas while you wait for your movie to begin.

In terms of the cinemas, the giant Lido 1 has been converted into the IMAX theatre, and its upper floors now house Lido 2 and 3. The former Lido 2 has been renumbered Lido 1 and the new Lidos 1, 2 and 3 are accessible via the sixth floor.

Lido 4 occupies the former Lido 3, while Lidos 5 - 10 are in the former no-gradient halls of Lido 5 - 7 and Lido Classics. There is also an electronic board before the hallway leading to the various halls which tells you when the hall is ready for seating. Of these 10 halls, 6 are digitally equipped with RealD 3D, the best 3D projection technology short of the IMAX theatre.

But of course, the biggest attraction is no doubt the first and only IMAX theatre in Singapore! Boasting laser-aligned digital sound, optical image sensors, and an immersive theatre geometry (the screen is curved and titled towards the audience), it promises to revolutionise the movie-going experience by allowing audiences to fully enjoy how filmmakers want their movie to be seen. The IMAX theatre has a seating capacity of 421 for a 2D presentation, and 319 for a 3D presentation (the seats at the side will be blocked off to ensure an optimum viewing experience).

IMAX 2D movies are priced at $20 and $17 on peak (Fri-Sun and PHs and eve of PH) and off-peak (Mon-Thu) respectively; while 3D movies will cost $22 and $19. If you're wondering what the extra cost is for, it goes into the process of converting the standard print by Digital Remastering into an IMAX DMR format. 3D projection is also done from two  projectors (one for each eye), unlike the standard 3D presentation in regular halls from just one camera. Trust us on this one- the IMAX 3D is superb and amazing!

The 10 regular halls will open on 5 May 2011, while Lido IMAX will open on 19 May 2011 with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in IMAX 3D. Other upcoming IMAX titles include Kung Fu Panda 2, Super 8, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Welcome to a new era of cinema-going! For more opening promotions, check out Have a great time at the new Shaw Lido!

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