Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peter Chan's WU XIA Teaser starrring Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei

In this first trailer, "the microscopic forms of martial arts" are shown in the scenes with "shivering muscles", "reverse-circulating blood vessels" and "a flying  broken tooth". Donnie Yen's homicide, Takeshi Kaneshiro's investigation and Tang Wei's vulnerability translate the main story plot of WU XIA.

WU XIA features four important scenes, of which one is featured at the opening sequence of the trailer, where Donnie Yen battles two fugitives. The 60-second trailer gives audience a brand new impression of the three main cast: Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei.

Donnie Yen, who is well known of his swift fighting moves, wrestles in a slower pace to engage the audience with his meticulously crafted actions in WU XIA. Takeshi Kaneshiro surprises the audience, speaking with a "Si Chuan accent" and carrying a charming signature pose.

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