Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Watershed Election - Our miserable two cents

Congrats to the brave good folks of the Worker's Party for scoring a GRC and retaining the SMC. Not forgettting the 'slum' people of Hougang and Aljunied for being so united.

Pity the PAP lost such an intelligent, gracious Minister, Mr George Yeo - the right man in the wrong place. Ironically some undeserving people went in or are still around. We salute you!

Mr Chiam See Tong despite losing his seat in parliament after 27 dedicated years as an opposition deserved a National award or something. He is a FIGHTER and a protector of Singapore!

Rethink? Regroup? Replan? Now it's in the hands of the winners to layout our future for the next 5 years.

Summer is waiting and it's back to the movies for us!

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