Sunday, November 26, 2006

and the Winners of The 43rd Golden Horse Award are ...

Best Feature Film After This Our Exile

Best Director
Peter CHAN Ho Sun ( Perhaps Love )

Best Leading Actor
KWOK Fu Shing ( After This Our Exile )

Best Leading Actress
ZHOU Xun ( Perhaps Love )

Best Supporting Actor
GOUM Ian Iskandar ( After This Our Exile )

Best Supporting Actress
Nikki SHIE ( Reflections )

Best New Performer
Bryant CHANG ( Eternal Summer )

Best Original Screenplay
NING Hao ( Crazy Stone )

Best Screenplay Adaption
NING Dai, ZHANG Yuan ( Little Red Flowers )

Best Cinematography
Peter PAU ( Perhaps Love )

Best Visual Effects
FOO Sing Choong ( Silk )

Best Art Direction
Tim YIP ( The Banquet )

Best Makeup & Costume Design
Tim YIP ( The Banquet )

Best Action Choreography
LING Chun Pong, WONG Chi Wai ( Exiled )

Best Original Film Score
LIM Giong ( Do Over )

Best Original Film Song
Crossroad ( Perhaps Love)

Best Film Editing
CHEN Po Wen ( Do Over )

Best Sound Effect
TU Du Chi,GUO Li Chi,KE Yi Jun ( Amour- Legende )

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