Friday, November 17, 2006

Eng Wah is SPBA Heritage Brand Award 2006 winner. Celebratory tickets at $5

Eng Wah Organization is SPBA Heritage Brand Award 2006 winner. Celebrated since 1940s, Eng Wah (“EW”) is always the place to catch the latest & the hottest entertainment. In celebration of the occasion, EW offers movie tickets from as low as $5. Founded by Mr. Goh Eng Wah, Executive Chairman, the cinema chain first found its home in the then highly popular playground - Happy World (later renamed Gay World). Since then the Eng Wah Group of companies have gone on to garner accolades such as :

• World's First 2K Digital Cineplex
• Best Sound*
• Best Service*
• Best Snack Bar*
* The Sunday Times, March 2006 (EW-Suntec)

Eng Wah introduces the industry's only Movie Gift Cards – store value cards EW invites all to join in the revelry with special movie ticket prices from as low as $5. The tickets comes in the form of e-vouchers loaded onto EW Movie Gift Cards (store value cards). The EW Movie Gift Cards brings greater convenience to customers, are wonderful as gifts, and comes in attractive designs. Customer needs to only bring along the EW Movie Gift Card to any EW Box Office to redeem for a movie admission ticket and/or popcorn combo voucher.

For a limited promotional period, EW Movie Gift Cards are priced at $50 (U.P. $70) for set of 10 weekday e-vouchers, and $48 (U.P. $57) for set of 6 weekend e-vouchers. E-vouchers expires in 12 months. EW Movie Gift Cards are currently available in three attractive designs, and will only be available at all EW Box Office from 18 November 2006.

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