Friday, November 03, 2006

Experience New Digital 3D at GV VivoCity when you watch "Monster House" this November

Singaporeans will have the chance to experience the revolutionary Real D Digital 3D version of ‘Monster House’ when it pens exclusively in GV VivoCity on 9th November, 2006. Produced by visionary executive producers Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg, Monster House is an utterly unique and cleverly conceived animated feature and the 3D Digital ‘Monster House’ will introduce a new cinematic experience and is set to thrill families in Singapore. The 3D system is provided by Kodak and will include the latest Kodak JMN3000 CineServers driven by unique Kodak software, as well as highly reliable Barco DP100 projectors, equipped with the REAL D Cinema solution. This latest installation contributes to the most wide-reaching REAL D activity by any company outside the United States and represents the next stage of digital 3D cinema using a market-tested model that was enabled by Kodak six months ago and began with screens in most capital citiesthroughout Australia.

The cutting edge technology of Real D enables audiences to use omfortable, lightweight polarized glasses for digital 3D cinematic viewing. Audiences no longer have to worry about adjusting to the red and blue lenses of traditional 3D-glasses. With eye fatigue eliminated, audiences can now concentrate fully on enjoying the best digital 3D cinematic experience that the story can offer. "Monster House is the perfect film for REAL D's innovative technology,"said Iene Tay, Marketing Manager, Sony Pictures Entertainment Singapore "It literally adds another dimension to the film-going experience and enhances the film's entertainment value."

“We designed our system from the exhibitor’s point of view,” says Eduardo Reyes, Cluster Manager, Kodak Entertainment Imaging, ASEAN. “This is a great 3D solution, but it can go far beyond that to handle the full cinema presentation and is also capable of screening 2D digital films”. “This is a first use of digital 3-D technology in traditional cinemas in Singapore,” Reyes says “and a genuine business opportunity for Kodak and REAL D, along with all our partners. The exhibitors bring a highly successful movie to their part of the world and audiences get to enjoy an entertainment experience that’s unique to the cinema. Everybody wins.”

“As market leader, Golden Village is very happy to be the first exhibitor to bring REAL D Cinema to Singapore. This is 3D unlike anything local audiences have ever seen before,” said Mr. Kenneth Tan, Managing Director of Golden Village Multiplex. “Monster House is the first of several Digital 3D titles we plan to show at our beautiful new flagship 15-screen GV VivoCity, the only cinema complex in Singapore equipped with REAL D. Truly, there is no> better way or place to go to the movies!”Other upcoming Digital 3D films that will screen at GV VivoCity include Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas on 23rd November and Disney Picture’s Chicken Little during Chinese New Year. Also Singapore’s first live 5D interactive show comes to GV VivoCity this December. “Hello Music Land” LiCKs 5D will offer a new multi-dimensional entertainment experience which combines a live musical stage show with amazing digital animation in an environment where audience members can interact with the live host and musical characters on stage and on screen. Digital 3D Monster House will screen at GV VivoCity from 9h November at Cinema 2. Ticket prices range from $8.00 to $10.50. For full ticketing information, please log on to

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