Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Confession Of Pain ~ Latest Press Release from Hong Kong 22 Nov

“Confession of Pain”, Media Asia Films’ grand finale this year, literally illuminated the apm shopping mall last night (Nov. 20) as its star Tony Leung Chiu-wai and directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak hosted the Christmas lighting ceremony. Thousands of dedicated fans already swarmed the place hours early, and they screamed with joy when Tony Leung appeared in a sports car with the directing duo.

Leung said he needed to stay in Shanghai this Christmas for director Ang Lee’s new film “Lust, Caution”, and had to forgo spending the holiday with his girlfriend Carina Lau. “As this film has foreign investment, everything has a strict schedule to follow,” Leung explained. “I would feel bad if I cause any delay.”

Regarding the upcoming Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, which Carina Lau was nominated for Best Actress, Tony Leung couldn’t be there to support her, but he was confident that she could win. “The nomination is already an acknowledgement of your work. For the audience, the apt reward is to see actors performing their best on screen.”

The lighting ceremony also previewed the music video of “Confession of Pain’s” promotional song, performed by Denise Ho. Director Andrew Lau laughed when someone noticed the MV featured more shots of Takeshi Kaneshiro than Tony Leung. He explained that the MV was edited by the song’s producer, but Tony will get a second chance when the extended version is released later.

When being asked if he was worried that his film would be up against “Curse of the Golden Flower”, Lau said that it’s always fun to have competition. When “Infernal Affairs” was released four years ago, it clashed with Zhang’s “Hero”, the first “Harry Potter” film and comedy “Golden Chicken”, yet everyone came out a winner. He believed this would be the healthy sign for the film industry.

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