Friday, September 18, 2009

Storm Warriors 12mins Preview Review

After ten odd years, the iconic Hong Kong Wuxia Manhua series, Fung Wan / The Storm Warriors will be returning to the big screen. To create the buzz, Golden Village held a special 12 mins preview of The Storm Warriors on the 16th September 2009 and Moviexclusive was there to sample things to come for this year end blockbuster feature.

Mr Alvin Lam, the producer of The Storm Warriors briefly mention that the preview scenes does not necessary represents the best moments of The Storm Warriors and it’s still lacking a little twitch in the soundtracks and visual effects department. So bear that in mind and here’s the general impression of the preview segments.

The most notable aspect of the preview (and the extended trailer shown on the website) would be that The Storm Warriors had successfully blend special effects with the action sequences to bring out the essence of the Wuxia Manhua kungfu. It’s not an easy feat as Mr Ma (creator of Fung Wan) had dream out one of the most imaginative and beautiful martial arts sequences in the comics form. The preview had assured us that the film makers have the capability to properly reproduce those magnificent fight sequences.

Two particular sequences stood out.

The first one would be Cloud (played by Aaron Kwok) taking on Lord Godless (played by Simon Yam). It got on to a good start when Lord Godless’s monologue about Cloud’s kungfu improvement was cut short by Cloud’s relentless attack. It’s been a long time since such badass attitude was shown in a standoff and the behavior felt so right at home with Cloud’s comic’s character. The special effects display some sort “Cloud Palm Stance” attack and it reminded of Cloud’s character description back in the first movie and in the comics form, unpredictable, formless and destructive. There was a moment in which Lord Godless’s amour was being cut by web-like strings and although personally I don’t recall that stance from the book, it was one of the most impressive moments in this preview.

The other impressive sequence would be Wind (played by Ekin Cheng) attacking Cloud with his Blizzard Sabre. The visual effects successfully capture the whacking power of the combination of the mystical sabre and a skillful martial artist. It’s simply stuff that comic’s readers had been dreaming of.

Beside those computer aided fighting sequences, there a tender moment between Wind and Second Dream (played by Charlene Choi) that hit the right emotional spots for those who remember the romance that they shared in the comics. From Wind’s acceptance of Second Dream’s disfigurement to her own fragile insecurities, those moments were quite adaptively captured for the movie.

In summary, the preview for The Storm Warriors continued to impress with the usage of special effects to bring the beloved Manhua characters and story onto the big screen. As seen during the preview, some of the key moments in the Manhua had been faithfully reproduced and the original sequences that they had created look impressively enough to stand on par with the comic’s counterpart.

Personally, I can’t wait for another 90 odd days before the actual finished work hits the cinema.


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