Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Korean Remake of John Woo's A Better Tomorrow

Clover Films will be distributing the upcoming Korean action blockbuster A BETTER TOMORROW 《英雄本色》in Singapore. Directed by Song Hae-sung宋海星, starring Joo Jin-mo朱镇模, Song Seung-heon宋承善, A BETTER TOMORROW 《英雄本色》is the world’s first attempt to remake
John Woo’s successful classic film, A BETTER TOMORROW, released in 1986. A BETTER TOMORROW《英雄本色》tells the story of Hyuk (Joo Jin-mo) and Yung-chun (Song Seung-heon), who are practically brothers. They’ve been together for over 10 years and nothing can separate them. While they are good-natured guys they also traffic arms illegally from Thailand to Korea. Young-chun takes this risk for monetary reasons: cars, girls, booze. Hyuk, however, is trying to save enough money to buy someone out of North Korea. Hyuk and Chul (Kim Gang-woo) are real brothers. Hyuk, Chul and Young-chun are all from North Korea. They tried to escape together, but Chul got caught and was left behind. Their family was punished for this and their mom eventually died in prison. Hyuk can never shake off the guilt and Chul can never forget. Three years later Chul finally makes his way to South Korea. He becomes a policeman and advances rapidly among the ranks. During this time Hyuk tries to earn the trust and love of his younger brother, but abandonment and betrayal are hard things to forget. Things come to a head when Young-chun pulls Hyuk into doing one last gig for the gang. It happens to be the case that Officer Chul is in charge of. The three brothers meet again one final time.
The movie will release in Singapore on November / December this year.

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