Friday, May 25, 2007

InnoForm Media proudly presents to you An Autumn of Korean Drama!

The Korean wave is to hit Singapore shores yet again! Building on the success of the record-breaking Korean movie 200 Pounds Beauty, InnoForm Media will be releasing 9 exciting Korean drama series between June to August!

In April this year, InnoForm Media worked with Shaw Organisation to release the romanctic comedy 200 Pounds Beauty in cinemas. The film has gone to become the highest grossing Korean movie in Singapore ever, collecting an amazing gross box office of $980,000, eclipsing the previous record of $840,000 held by 2003 hit Wishing Stairs.

InnoForm Media has been a firm believer in Korean content, being the first company in Singapore to bring in Korean drama series to Singapore back in 2001, releasing on video titles such as All about Eve (爱上女主播) and Hotelier (情定大饭店). It went on to release on video the highly popular titles such as Autumn In My Heart (秋天的童话),

All-In (大赌注), Winter Sonata (冬季恋歌), Little Bride (新娘18), and last year’s wildly popular Princess Hours ().

To continue its efforts in promoting Korean content, InnoForm Media proudly presents to you An Autumn of Korean Drama, with 9 new upcoming titles*!

Someday - 有一天

Freeze - 冻结

Lovers - 恋人,

Famous Princesses - 七公主,

Prince Hours - S,

Behind the White tower - 白色巨塔

Surgeon Bong Dal-hee - 外科医生奉达熙,

HIT (Homicide Investigation Team) - 火热

All This Love (Perhaps Love) - 珍贵的约定

In conjunction with the release of the 9 Korean drama series from June to August, InnoForm Media will be planning an exciting marketing and publicity campaign. This is aimed to reward the loyal supporters of Korean content in Singapore. With this extensive campaign, it is hoped that the next Korean wave in Singapore will be more dynamic then ever!

So for you Korean Fans out there! Look out for InnoForm Media’s upcoming Korean drama wave!

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