Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Singapore's No.1 Asian Movie, Just Follow Law VCD/DVD is out now!

Having been release in Singapore during the Chinese New Year, Just Follow Law, has to date, become the highest grossing Asian movie in Singapore, with box office closing at 2.8 million.

The movie, starring MediaCorp artistes Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh, pokes fun at the rigidity of bureaucracy, the division of social classes and the kiasu inner workings of butt-kissers. The show promises laughter with instantly recognizable stereotypes of Singaporeans, one of Jack Neo's trademarks.

Just Follow Law revolves around Lim Teng Zu,( Gurmit Singh) a blur collar worker who reports to Tanya Chew (Fann Wong), a high-ranking officer working in one of Singapore's statutory boards. Teng Zui's incompetence and poor work ethics contributes to a Minister sustaining a fall during a visit by VIPs. An investigation is carried out to find a scapegoat ¨C not an unusual practice in government bodies. The lowly-ranked Teng Zui shoulders the blame alone, thanks to the finger-pointing by the upper management.

Infuriated, Teng Zui confronts Tanya. Their clash escalates into a car chase, resulting in an accident which causes them to exchange souls.

For those of you who had missed the show, catch Just Follow Law on VCD/DVD now!
For the collectors, the DVD version includes special features such as the Trailers, Teasers, The Making of, bloopers of the production and even an alternative ending to the movie!

Grab a copy now because nobody can bring out our coffee-shop topicality and mentality the way Jack Neo does.

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