Tuesday, May 01, 2007


SPIDER LILIES, co-distributed by Cathay-Keris Films and Encore Films, opens 14 June 2007 in Singapore. Rainie Yang and director Zero Chou will grace the gala premiere of Spider Lilies at The Cathay on 29 May 2007.

This movie has participated in numerous film festivals including the 2007 Hong Kong International Film Festival Official Selection) and the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Teddy Award, a first in Taiwan's cinema. In Singapore, this movie has been rated R21 (Some Homosexual Content).

In its home country Taiwan, the movie opened strongly with a striking screen average of US$17,850 which is the third largest in 2007, the first and second being Hollywood blockbusters 300 and Ghost Rider. In Hong Kong, the movie grossed over US$157,459 in its opening weekend on just 9 prints.

In Spider Lilies, Rainie Yang plays the role of Jade, a webcam girl who visits a tattoo parlour to look for sexy decoration to excite her clientele. She requests for a spider-lily tattoo similar to one framed at the tattoo parlour but the female tattoo artist, Takeko (played by upcoming, promising HK actress Isabella Leong) is reluctant to accede to her request. Visiting Jade's website, Takeko finds out that she is a webcam girl but does not realise that they knew each other 10 years ago when Jade had a crush on her.

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