Thursday, May 17, 2007


Media Asia Films is geared up for their summer release of the romantic comedy “Hooked On You”. Helmed by Law Wing-cheong (“2 Become 1”) and produced by Johnnie To, with the stellar cast headed by Miriam Yeung and Eason Chan, with Feng Shui-fan, Jolie Chan Yuen-kei, Farini Cheung Yui-ling, Stephanie Cheng, David Lo, and Mainland actor Huang Bo of “Crazy Stone”.

The film launched its promotion with the premiere of its theme song MV yesterday (May 15). The song was adapted from a local pop tune in the 80s, and this new version was performed by the film’s star Miriam Yeung. Gracing the press conference were executive producer John Chong, director Law Wing-cheong, with actresses Miriam Yeung and Jolie Chan. The audience was treated with the never-before-seen music video of “Hooked On You”, and the live interview session with the cast and crew on stage, sharing their joy on the production.

“I may look tough, but I’m scared of killing these fish!” Miriam Yeung quipped. “I would be fine if the director didn’t put a time limit on my fish autopsy.” She also enjoyed the company of her co-star Eason Chan. “While everyone else is fighting over his concert tickets, I get to listen to him singing on the set for free! He could get into character in a snap, and he brought out the most relaxed performance in front of the camera. He certainly looks like a seasoned fish hawker!”

Singer Jolie Chan took on her sexiest role ever as a prostitute. In a steamy scene, she tested her limits by wearing nothing but a bra to seduce Eason!

“Hooked On You” reunited pop idols Miriam Yeung and Eason Chan since their last on-screen collaboration in the 2001 film “Feel 100% II”. The film also marks Yeung’s screen debut since joining the East Asia Music & Media Asia labels.

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