Monday, May 21, 2007

SPIDER-MAN 3: Biggest Film In The History of Singapore!

SPIDER-MAN 3 is now officially the BIGGEST film ever in the history of Singapore, with a record box office of over S$7.25 million as of yesterday!!
Last Friday we saw SPIDER-MAN 3 sink the 10-year #1 GBO film record held by Titanic (which took 33 weeks) and continued with a strong weekend performance to become the first film to cross S$7 million at the Singapore box office.
Here's a recap of the major box office records that SPIDER-MAN 3 has set since its release in Singapore:
- Biggest Gross Box Office film in History (and still counting…)
- The first film to gross over S$7M GBO in History
- The Biggest Opening Weekend in History
- The Biggest Single Trading Day
- Also holds the 2nd Biggest Trading Day
- The fastest film to reach all previous records
- The only film franchise to have all of its films in the GBO Top 10 grosses

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